8 easy ways to increase your protein intake


Greek yoghurt is one other of these issues that appears kinda boring in the event you’ve solely ever spooned it from the bathtub. It’s tangy, thick and except you sweeten it it’s most likely not what you had been on the lookout for whenever you attacked the bathtub (it’s nothing like a Muller Corner. Boo).

But with a little bit of thought, you may rework Greek yogurt right into a scrumptious dessert or add it to meals for a little bit of creaminess.

Buy Greek yogurt, not Greek-style for the great things (can’t go mistaken with Fage). The traditional stuff is 93 cals for 100g, with 9g of protein.

You may get 0% varieties which comprise no fats, and surprisingly Fage’s 0% selection comprises extra protein – 54 energy with 10.3g protein.

Wondering what to do with Greek yoghurt? Start right here:

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